Behavioral Health Groups

Our behavioral health groups offer a supportive environment facilitated by licensed members of our behavioral health team for individuals to explore and identify shared struggles, as well as learn skills and processes to resolve those struggles.

DBT Skills Group (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy): This evidence-based approach is great for treatment of individuals suffering from mood disorders, personality disorders and those who struggle with interpersonal conflict.

Women and Trauma Group. Women only group for those suffering from PTSD related anxiety. Skills and processing group to calm PTSD related interruptions to daily functioning. This group meets Wednesdays at 11:00am.

Circle of Security Parenting Group: Teaching parents what emotional needs their children have, skills to help parents remain calm when their children push them emotionally, and techniques and tools to help parents teach anger and anxiety regulation skills to their children.

Transgender Support Group: This is a peer support group is where transgender and gender nonconforming community members can find an affirming space to share experiences, build a support network, ask questions, and create community ties within the safe and friendly setting

IOP and Relapse Prevention Groups: Substance treatment groups for individuals in active addiction or in active recovery led by Alluvion LAC providers. These groups are ongoing, and clients can join at any time according to need after being assessed by an LAC.

If you believe you or someone close to you is experiencing a medical health emergency, please dial 911.

To book an appointment with one of Alluvion Health’s Behavioral Health providers, or to sign up for a behavioral health group, please dial (406) 454-6973.