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our vision

Helping deliver healthcare differently, bringing quality healthcare to the people, providing whole-person care, and filling in gaps in the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Broadening Alluvion Health’s ability to create and inspire healthier lives.

Our Values

Change, Creating Opportunity, Community-Minded, Collaboration

Affordable Healthcare for everyone

Not long ago, we witnessed the birth of an organization that saw healthcare in a new light. It saw healthcare as something that went beyond what traditional healthcare was delivering. In fact, it went beyond visits to a clinic and looked at whether people had access to things that impact health—such as access to food, housing, employment, financial planning, and legal assistance.

Other organizations knew about these factors but didn’t include them in their treatment process. But this new organization did. They started developing programs to address these issues because of a profound belief that everyone matters.

In short, they cared enough to act. Or, as they put it, they gave a damn.

That inspired us to help.

The organization we are talking about is Alluvion Health, and we are the Alluvion Health Foundation. Our mission is to support their mission: to help them do healthcare differently, bring 

quality healthcare to the people, provide whole-person care, and fill the gaps in the communities they/we serve that no one else has the heart for.

We have found that what Alluvion Health has accomplished in its short life is compelling—so, compelling we are asking others for money because we know many of them will feel the same way.

Alluvion Health is in the process of changing the way we think about and deliver healthcare.  Once they demonstrate that there is a better way, others will follow.

We think that’s something worth investing in.  We hope you do, too.

Ways of giving

Cash Support

This is the simplest form of charitable giving, and any amount is appreciated! Your tax deduction is equal to the amount you have donated with a record of receipt. We will provide proof of return with our pledge form and a prompt thank you for your generous gift of improving our overall community’s health!

Securities / Stock

This is one of the most tax-efficient ways to contribute to your charity over the long term, and there are several advantages to this method of giving. Call Teresa Schreiner today to discuss the benefits of donated giving through stocks. To facilitate a gift of securities the donor (or transferring broker) should contact the foundation directly prior to transfer at (406) 231-6521.

Planned Giving

A wonderful way to support the future of Alluvion Health is to provide for a future gift. There are two types of charitable gifts in a life income gift- a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust, or through a charitable lead trust. Contact the Foundation for questions about charitable trusts at (406) 231-6521.


The most common form of deferred giving is a bequest in a person’s will or revocable (“living”) trust. Bequests are a wonderful way to have an impact beyond your lifetime and to leave a meaningful legacy that will make a difference in our community for many years to come.

Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts benefit both the foundation and the donor. Donors may receive tax and financial benefits by creating a life income gift, such as a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust through which you can receive fixed payments.

Pooled Income Fund

These are creative ways for individuals to generate income while also giving smaller portions to charity. Through a fund, donors can “pool” together different securities and/or combine them with cash to create a larger amount of money to distribute to charity. Money is paid out to the donor and any other beneficiaries that have pooled together assets to the fund.

In-kind Goods and Services

Donated goods, services, time/labor, use of facilities, and equipment are valuable gifts for our Foundation. We record the fair market value of each in-kind good and service as revenue, and, as such, the donor can take a tax deduction for it. If you are looking to partner and contribute good and services to our projects, events, and community projects, contact our Foundation at (406) 231-6521.

Alluvion Health Foundation is a Montana non-profit public charity with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the IRS. Our EIN is 84-5066330. Pledges are conditional promises to give on behalf of the donor. The donor is not bound to this pledge until the payment is made. Thank you!

To discuss current funding projects and how you can get involved, contact Teresa Schreiner at 406-231-6521 or

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